Rogue In The Void

is a roguelike in which you assume the role of a crew member aboard KIL-6, a space station seized by a rogue A.I. Acquire new and different weapons and items as you explore the once lively corridors, ridden now only by puppets, mechs, and worse. The only way out is to fight your way through and hack the terminals to deprive the A.I. of control, but remember—you only have one life.

truly roguelike

At its core this game is a classic roguelike featuring all the high-level mechanics you know and love.


Do you like to take things slow or hit hard and fast? The game is turn-based, giving you as much or as little time to make life-or-death decisions as you want.


The tile grid guarantees consistency and enemy intelligence and speeds up gameplay. No more slowly peeking around corners hoping that the enemy can't see you.


No saving. You die, you stay dead. Even the smallest choice has far-reaching consequences. But as you learn, you grow, and you will survive longer and longer.


Each time you die, you assume the role of a different crew member in a randomly-generated part of the station, making every new game a unique and different experience.

Core features

This is what makes Rogue In The Void a unique experience.


An A.I. Gone Mad

M.O.N.A. was designed to automate every aspect of the station's workflow. As such, it is deeply integrated into the station itself. There's no point in hiding. The only way to get out is to run and fight as hard as you can.

Beautiful Retrowave Graphics

Discover vibrant colors and beautiful, handcrafted 3D environments. Let your imagination take control as you wander through the desolate rooms and hallways, just a shadow of the station's former beauty.


Tactical Combat

Approach any situation however you want. Fight using pistols, rifles, shotguns, grenades, and more, or use your cybernetics to turn the station against itself. Switch ammo types to make the most out of your weapons.

A Deep and Dark Secret

M.O.N.A. is the end, but she was not the beginning. As you play, you will find logs and diaries of various research members, workers, and administrators. Piece together their accounts to discover the secret that lies in the core of the station. Find out how it all started.



Screenshots are taken from pre-alpha footage and are subject to change.

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Our Team

We are a small indie team hoping to bring you the best experience we can possibly get you. Don't be shy. We're passionate about what we do, so feel free to get in touch with us if you have any ideas or suggestions.

team people

Michael D├╝rwald

Programming / Design

Roguelike enthusiast and main programmer / designer. Loves fiddling around with procedural content generation.

team people

Janina Olejniczak


Responsible for 3d arts and textures.

team people

A.C. Jaiden


Avid reader, writer, programmer, and UI designer. I do most of the writing you see in-game or online.